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The DII Community is a place for DII signatories to share and discuss best practices on ethical conduct within the Defense Industry.

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What is DII?

DII is a non-profit organization that combines the common dedication of signatory companies to a culture and practice of ethics and integrity in all business dealings with the United States Department of Defense.

Who is DII?

We are the dedicated employees and leaders of 77 companies that have committed to DII’s self-governance principles.

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DII’s essential strength lies in sharing best practices to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and to encourage employees to ethical conduct.

Since 1986, DII has offered free ethics training, instructional videos, and webinars on emerging ethics issues for defense-industry companies.  DII’s annual 3-day Best Practices Forum facilitates the sharing of information, training, and best practices. 

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DII offers industry resources that have helped train, educate, and create discussion surrounding the latest ethics issues, compliance with contracting laws, and more.  

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Welcome to the New DII Website

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Welcome to the updated DII website. I have the honor of writing the first blog for our new online community. To make the best use of that distinction, I want to share with you the benefits your participation may bring with use of this tool.