Addessing Gender Gaps around Ethics Engagement

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Dear Colleagues

Like many of the DII companies,  Serco does an engagement survey of our employees, one part of which covers ethics and integrity.

Our employees tend to engage well around ethics and integrity and we even saw a nice increase between 2015 and 2016 for both our female and male emplyees.  However,  the gender gap between our female and male employees actually increased a bit more in 2016.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of ethics engagement gender gap?

If so,  could you share your strategies for addressing the issue,  both succssful and unsuccessful?

Thanks and Regards

Rich Gilligan





Assessing Gender Gaps Around Ethics Engagement

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Hi Rich,

My company has not seen a difference in employee survey engagements scores associated with gender.  Additionally, both genders are tracking about the same year after year.