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In alignment with its mission, the DII has developed several complimentary tools to assist companies involved with government contracting with establishing and maintaining effective ethics and compliance programs.  Use the Register Form to access all of these valuable tools.  If you are already a DII Member, just log in to access these resources.

Small Business Toolkit

At the request of several government agencies, DII developed this unique resource with the small business in mind. However, the small business toolkit is an ideal guide for companies of all size due to its comprehensive and detailed content. This 254-page document provides guidance on how companies can design, implement, maintain and augment business ethics and compliance programs, organized into the following areas:

  1. Governance and Organization (provides guidance on structuring)
  2. Training and Engagement (provides presentation slides)
  3. Policies and Procedures (provides more than 30 templates including one for Code of Conduct)
  4. Auditing, Monitoring, and Mentoring (provides tools and techniques)

NOTE: Being a DII member provides access to a formal mentorship program to assist companies with implementing the elements of this toolkit.

Tool Kit Front Cover July 2019

Creating & Maintaining Effective Ethics and Business Conduct Program

This document provides a framework and the key elements required for creating and maintaining an effective business ethics & compliance program in companies involved with government contracting.
Creating and Maintaining Ethics Business Program

Model Supplier Code of Conduct

This standardized document can be used to assist companies involved in government contracting with setting ethical expectations with suppliers. Can be used in whole as is or as a guide to develop a company’s own customized version.

Model Supplier Code of Conduct