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Welcome to the updated DII website. I have the honor of writing the first blog for our new online community. To make the best use of that distinction, I want to share with you the benefits your participation may bring with use of this tool.

Your participation allows our collaboration in best practices and enables fruitful discussions on issues of import to the membership, as well as others who may visit…but to make this community the best it can be, we need you to participate.

Each member is encouraged to use the resource to fullest advantage. Send us your comments and suggestions—write a blog—fully engage the membership.

Sharing best practices is what DII is all about. For this community to work, robust and varied content is vital. Please share your sample policies or procedures, communications or other relevant ideas, documents and videos within the DII community. While our site is open to all to view general information and learn more about our organization, only DII members will have access to our blog posts, news items, and resources. Be sure to tell us if your material should be made public to all viewers.

Share your materials by sending Denise Giardina an email with an attachment, or if the materials are available on your company’s website, send the link.

For your blog, send a document or text file ranging from 250 to 400 words. There are many types of blogs and each may be of interest to our fellow members. Introduce yourself and write about how DII has helped your job or organization. Tell us what DII membership means to you. Share a particular challenge your organization has addressed, or a creative tool you have introduced to advance your ethics program. Remember there are non-members viewing our site; your blog could encourage new membership.

The online community is also a great place to seek information from other signatories. Do you have a question?  Simply post it on the message board and start the conversation!

Thank you in advance for participating in this vibrant community. I look forward to reading your input in the months ahead.


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Great work!  Leo